As part of the redevelopment of a former community college site in Peterborough, a Phase 1 Habitat survey was completed by Ecology Link in spring 2012, which identified the need for further protected species surveys.

Surveys undertaken show good amphibian populations

Subsequently, surveys were undertaken for great crested newts, reptiles and bats. With the exception of a lone bee orchid, no evidence of protected species inhabiting the site was recorded. However, good populations of smooth newts, common frogs and toads were recorded within a small existing nature study area.

Plan of proposed new wildlife area
Plan of proposed new wildlife area. Permission for use kindly given by OOBE Architects – the key landscape design team for this project. 
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Ecology Management Plan

Ecology Link Ltd was then requested to produce an Ecology Management Plan for the creation of a new Wildlife Area within site, to replace the small existing nature area to be lost. The purpose of the new Wildlife Area is to provide continued suitable habitat for the common species recorded on site. With the complete loss of the existing nature area, the newts, frogs and toads would have no alternative habitat nearby. This would have lead to the unacceptable loss of the amphibian population at this site. In addition to providing continued food, shelter and breeding resources for a wide range of common species, the new Wildlife Area will also act as an educational teaching resource for the new school.

Animal species will be translocated

The main aim of this Management Plan is to ensure that a suitable new Wildlife Area is created, prior to the destruction of the existing area. Plant and animal species will be translocated into the new area.

Bee orchid

Bee orchid

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